[Verse:]: The heat of you is my favorite sensation
Wait for your touch with such anticipation
When flame is on I stop the world and melt with you
We two must never be apart, smell your cologne
And like a cat I'm hunting out of control and you
Know that I'm wanting, these pair of arms they won't leave
You alone tonight.

This feelings strong can't get enuf
Cause anyplace and anytime I'll break
You off a piece of my love.

Chorus: Anyplace and anytime I see you boy I melt inside
You need to know I never wanna be without you
Anyplace and anytime it doesn't matter where we are
Well I don't care I never wanna be without you.

[Verse 2:]: When missin you I just shake and shiver
And think of you I know you will deliver
You prove me right everytime you come around
(it's all) it's all (beyond) beyond the break of dawn
And in the day you love me and protect me
You make me safe and you never neglect me
Unselfish man forever I'll be down with you
(4 eva I'll be down wit ya)

Your heaven sent from up above
So anyplace and anytime I'll
Break you off a piece of my love



(Repeat chorus 2x)
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Anyplace Anytime Lyrics

One Voice – Anyplace Anytime Lyrics