Everyday I fight to see myself in your eyes
It's amazing how a small lie can change a life
When the truth grows dark and all I see is what I'm not
It's so hard to trust the honest words of the ones I love

With ignorance as my ally
I've been believing the wrong advice
Tell me that I am beautiful
Make me believe in me
Just to hear that I'm wonderful
Make me believe in You

So I ask myself where do I fit in this mystery?
With so many things pulling at my heart, people I can't please
Will there ever be a time in life when I'm content
And I recognize in You there's life and confidence
With wisdom's words as my ally
I'll try trusting truth's advice
The unmerciful lies of a world so unwise
Say I cannot be enough
But Your word still remains
Truth, compassion, and grace
And I am made whole in love
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My Ally Lyrics

One Accord – My Ally Lyrics