[Verse 1]

Same day we in a different world
Hard in the paint, shouts out to my n*gga earl
Different day we in a different world
Swear I almost got smoked off of oak and merle

If it ain't money then it doesn't pay
I make her wanna take it off like a holiday
I can probably make a billion in a single day
But niggas sell they soul to millions everysingle day

I ain't from the east coast but we all sons
We been hot like the laws gun
Dj khaled said I'm on one
If we ain't poppin this year then we all done

Them fake friends they be lurkin homie
They just tryna turn yo brain into pepperoni
They probably gettin payed off no alimony
Next to ya in the picture but they smile phony

[Verse 2]
I'm sayin, what it do like dot
She ain't even know dat I got da juice like dot
Everynight in the booth like pac
I'm just tryna fill the void like a teenage sock

This games a bed and we jumpin on it
Don't sleep betta yet just focus on it
Ima put it back together this a broken moment
Every word I say is dope they probably smokin on it

I just dropped a mixtape, you know how dat is
Michael watts, dj ghost, we was handlin biz
I ain't a bad boy but I'm thinkin big
Don't do it for yourself do it for ya kids

Them fakes still gon lurk around ya
Make sure you got ya reals and ya perks around ya
The devils on my shoulder like a parrot
Ya enemies got heart but it ain't 20 karot
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Breathe Lyrics

Omega Crosby – Breathe Lyrics