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Take You Home Lyrics

Omar LinX – Take You Home Lyrics

I wanna take you home
Take you home

I know where to go when the storm comes
Waiting till the day is upon us (Take you home)
-Going to the spot where the heart is
Back to the place we started (Take you home)

See I can help you leave this place, it’s cold, it’s wet as snow
The spring will come and turn that grey into a vibrant glow
Cuz seasons change, people don't, baby I should know
And every color, can fade, through life’s kaleidoscope
I'll take you back to those thoughts, you never left behind
The moment stop, let it pause, and let me press rewind
And everything that you lost, and thought you'd set aside
It’s there, whatever the cost, it stood the test of time
You found yourself in a place; you thought you'd never be
And put yourself, through the pain, you thought would never leave
The thunder strike, and the rain will pour, but don't be scared
You’re on your way back home, let me just get you there

I can see your lonely eyes, from a mile away
I see the girl, see a world, I can see the pain
Is she ashamed, cuz she can see, that I can see what’s wrong
Yet that fight’s still in her, and she's been keeping strong
She's been running so long, she don't remember why
She left the town and her friends, and that vanilla sky
But when she look at those stars, I know she think of home
Just to know it’s that far, will make her feel alone
But change is coming; she can feel it in the air
And if you knew what she about, then you could see that she was scared
But that chance was-on the table, so she took it, paid the fair
Bought that ticket on a whim
She closed her eyes, she was there

Let’s go back
We all waiting for ya
We all waiting
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