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Still Tomorrow Lyrics

Omar LinX – Still Tomorrow Lyrics

[Verse 1]
If I could leave here and mean it
I would'a bought the ticket
Hand my keys to the homie
Tell em he's condo living
So much hurt in the city
But still my heart is in it
Nobody hands you the world Atlas you gotta get it
Until the weight is impressive
Under the pressure
Until my gifts are always matching my efforts
I swear to God
I live it down the letter
See you been doing your thing
But I've been doing it better
Lean back to the sunset!
They way I'm shinning you'd be wondering where the sun went
Oh this my time
Then imma line it all on one bet
All on me rhyming
I'm just waiting on that one step
Do it till there's none left
See I've been winning the battle losing my mind
They try and step on my shoes
But never stepped into mine
Focusing on the flaw
They seemed to miss the design
Just wait till they see it built
It's all a matter of time

If you lost your way there's still tomorrow
So don't you let it go
If you plan for now that time is borrowed
I hope you know it's owed

[Verse 2]
Take me away
Sitting closer to my last tomorrow
We're in the moment
My steps are new
I don't ever follow
I took a risk
And I put a dent into my lucky bottle
The courage in me
But Jackie tell me I'll win the lotto
But i'mma go and wreck it
I think I'm misdirected
I hope that God forgive me
Cause I'm a broken record
If time will heal it all
Then i'mma count the seconds
I tried to do no wrong
But here I stand corrected
And through the chaos
I swear that it's gonna pay off
I persevere through the problem
I'm never taking a day off
Take a moment to pay
Homage to what you changed
Looking back at the past
Thinking those were the days
Thinking things were forever
If only it were that easy
I woulda frozen the moment
No hesitation, believe me
Dreaming of my experience
I shouldn't take it so serious
It's over before you know it
Just glad I made an appearance

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