chek it
u think da styles ya got is gannan make me smile
i heard ur buy
ur is kylle
don't smille
somebody tell this kidd da go home and learn how da flow
he's slow
ur is comin to ma house this weekend she's about da blow me
she needs
she likes geting 7degite from me
ya heard?!?!
hey this kidd is cryin i didn't touch him i thought he was stylin
but yo! i'm sorry i don't brains from old momman
i guess ur mom is one of dem but she is gannan
ur style is fake'n sowa das why i can get 7degite from ya mom in a showa
das a deall
fo real
i got mad skilles ya can't handle
yo! i heard u live in castle
hey! negga
ya ain't got no flava
look at ur style
what are u wearing dawg
ur close looks like u found them in a pond
u cont
i rock dem ice
i rock the mik
this is tight
ru battleling when it's to fight u probably run
who is this kid i can't even get closse to him hi smells like sconk
i'm sick
in coming threw like a snick
this is sick
it ain't fake
u a dick
people like u i hate
u've neva get lade
bitches like J-lo
always ask me lets do it
like always
but u ma bro always in yo couch druinkin cool-ai
cuz bitches can't deal witch yo aids
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U Can't Flow Lyrics

Oman Freestyle – U Can't Flow Lyrics