Verse 1
Your three words don’t mean nothing to me
I’m on my own, don’t need nobody
Who needs love when you got money?
I’m heartless, I’m not sorry.
I’m getting my own stuff
Don’t need you, I got enough problems.

Verse 2
I’m cold but I don’t need no saviour no
I got it good, lonely’s misunderstood
Who needs love when you got diamonds?
Why don’t you ask me what the time is?
Let me check my rolex that came from my own cheques
I don’t need nobody else I thought you woulda known that
I don’t need no more problems

It’s not that I don’t want love
Not that I don’t need a friend
But you put me through so much shit before
And I won’t do it again (gain, gain, gain, gain)
Don’t need no more of them problems
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Problems Lyrics

Oliver Celeste – Problems Lyrics

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