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Parallel To Hell Lyrics

Oldminion – Parallel To Hell Lyrics


The battle continues
The devil is trying to constantly win you
When you deviate the path
And inegriated pass
So get back (ack ack) at that (act act)
Actually (ag ag) agitates my actions to agony
The dance floors empty
But you notice some woman in a
Red dress pretending
She's a damsel in distress (less)
Less she be singing
Songs of pseudo sadness
Plat magic mad at minutes
Madness cast they spell fast
They fail past the walls of innocence
Parallel to Hell

There was a time in my life
When I was dead wrong
Drawn to this bewildering
Perception of heaven
My first kiss
With temptation pierced through the walls
Of innocence
And it hasn't been the same ever since

You'll web me
Drawn to my curiousness
Eyes are always gazing, don't think twice precious
The right path is this web
I'd never leave you astray
I'm here to test your manhood
I'm here to test your faith

She was gawking, I was rockin the mic
My conclusion: she was jockin this type
Conceive line, step close
Watch hope float
I coulda woulda shoulda, just might
Gain the dame, escape into the night

Saw the cape, just take flight
Conversations never took place
Nonchalant pleasantry, she bangin with the black lace
Devilish grin, she swollen in sin
I'm forever foldin again
No holdin it in

Oooo, you come with a friend?
We would be perfect together
You and I were meant for one another
A life's sentence, we spend

Haha, good, he's baited
Real him in
How many ways can I break up in this man

Am I thinking wine and roses
Picturing this dynasty imposes
Slip the potion down the hatch
Relax, relapse, and talk

I'm feeling kinda tired
Lets retire and take a walk


She could never grasp the way I sink through the floor
Everytime I hear her voice with the choice to ignore
Even though I reach more, she just look at me emotionless
Pleasure and pain, a fine line never close to this

No will power, Ima tell you how it is
I devour, no damsel in distress
I'm a snake ready to complex, wreck regrets
Hex your life, better check your flight
Fight the pain

I compose a loss for a gain
My main addiction is her thirst for attention
But she failed to mention
The bedroom's the devils kitchen rippin my dominion in half
Perhaps she had the last laugh
But I came to grasp with my?

My sick intention for sticking and losing
They were dancing and moving
Moving and shaking and grooving
She was looming, I was soothing to position
This competition is ageless and such
In the mixed emotion I turned around and guess what?

Vapor, black stare, coldness in the air
Thought you got away in the cave
You only begun your nightmare

If I'm dreaming it was seeming so real
I used to love her but now
I recover another deceased memory

Sending me to another grave in my mind
Taking my life, wasting my time
Laying on the blade of a knife

I'll cut ya, you liked it despite the agony
I controlled ya to fold ya
Behold my powers seen
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