Well I met her on the corner of Broadway
Said she seen me coming for a mile
I guess I should have known she was trouble
By the hood wink in her eye
She said, "Now watch my hands real careful"
But I should've been watching her feet
Before I knew it
She stole my heart and my wallet
Went running on down the street

The Greatest Hustler of All
Stands about four foot nine
Made to be a moocher, low-down hoochie coocher
Her daddy made her walk the line
Hustles with the greatest of ease
Fools any boy anytime
The Greatest Hustler in all of this world
Been hustlin' this heart of mine

Now I've been hustled on the streets of Chicago
And the levees of New Orleans
But I never knew a woman to work so fast
She's what you call a hustlin' queen
Well I took her to the fair on Friday
We stepped into the kissing booth
When I puckered my lips
To steal me a kiss
She went and stole my gold tooth


Well if you see her coming this way boys you'd better take care
'Cause she'll hustle your heart away into the air

So fellas if your down on the corner
She's not that hard to find
She's the Greatest Hustler in all of this world
She stands about four foot nine

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The Greatest Hustler Of All Lyrics

Old Crow Medicine Show – The Greatest Hustler Of All Lyrics