Oh my god, we've lost control
This sense of urgency, it won't move me
Because I stand ready to break the barrier
These certain days were taken from me
This false routine is coming to an end
My eyes were covered, a child amongst giants
The time has come to take what's mine
Break these walls, before the ground unfolds
The ground will crumble
Because I can't life if I have no control, there's no control
Visions carry me to eternal freedom from this place
But leaving's not easy, so we try to begin a life with no regrets
I can't live life, with no control, something I must bring to an end
This is something I must bring to an end now
Make your move
I'll make my move with no fear before me
I can't fail now, not this time
But were not running away from supremacy anymore
My lungs will never stop breathing till I have made my mark
My life has value
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Visions Lyrics

Oh No, Please! – Visions Lyrics