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Unleash The Kraken Lyrics

OG Maco – Unleash The Kraken Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Is life a cunt, well let’s check the stats
They got some but we got plenty
Rifle rounds will make a nigga shimmy
From the south right there in the park
K’s will catch 'em, leave ya partner Kenny
If you want to take it there, you a cub and I’m a bear
I’m a beast, I’m a monster, I’m a savage, hard to manage
Looking, looking, what do we have here?
It’s me and your bitch and her toes curled
Her nose numb and she dick drunk
Little bitch want to hit something
Bumbaclot bop, she a average thot
Numbers on the board, little to a lot
I ain't eating, shit is unfair
Tried to tell 'em I’m their nightmare
I’m from Elm Street and we don’t play fair
I am what lurks in the deep
Unleash the Kraken, captain captain
I just sunk your ship
Why you pushing buttons? Why you in my mix? [?]
Been to hell and barely made it back
Got no demons, call him OG Mac, yeah yeah!
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