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I Ain't From Compton Lyrics

O.F.T.B – I Ain't From Compton Lyrics

(N. W. A. 's "Straight Outta Compton" plays)

'Eazy is his name and the boys is coming (Straight Outta C...)'
[Record is suddenly cut off]

Hold it now, wait, hold it
That's played out [Dj cuts and scratches] hit it!

Straight up Watts! [x4]

The latest tape and it's out, from the la town
Four niggaz from Watts, operate with rhymes
If you woke up late, then I'ma pull out the nine
Millimete but it's bound to go deep, as I proceed
To the next line, born in la, Watts raised me up
Not Compton where if I was a sell-out I'd be a
Stupid motherfucker but I'm not, no I'm not a zero
Tell you whatup, c'mon, niggaz ain't hero
You ran 100 Miles to avoid a jack
The Bottom group will meet yo' ass on the tracks
It's vinyl put to walls, you can't hang, how can your figure
Let's be honest - have you ever squeezed a trigger?
In the late 70's yo the courthouse was built
A year later the first nigga was kilt
(Caught stealing hubcaps, is that a fact?)
Nah but I'm sure it was somethin like that
Where I'm from niggaz are broke, and fuck bein ruthless
If you're ruthless, ass'll be toothless
Bow till they feel the flipside straight stompin
And I ain't from Compton

Straight up Watts! [x4]
[Paris] "Attitude but I ain't from Compton"
Straight up Watts! [x4]
[Paris] "Attitude but I ain't from Compton"

Hey close the doors and windows, hide your goods
When the Bottom of Watts is in your motherfuckin hood
Hold my zone with a vicious appetite
And we'll take your shit (after we take your life)
That's why these suckers think twice about comin to Watts
You know it's real gangbangers, murders and dope spots
(This ain't no lookalike shit) my city's for real
So don't commit suicide, come to Watts and get killed
And you fake motherfuckers? Takin all of the streets?
I'ma let my posse tell you (that shit sound weak!)
My lyrics don't lie niggaz die everyday
You better check your map, cause Watts in in la
(South Central motherfucker) where the shit is critical
Brothers killin brothers makin blacks look pitiful
You wanna make a change and roll with my crew?
And Chief Darryl Gates, fuck you!
But hold up a second let's get back to the topic
Niggaz from Compton think Watts can't rock it
We rock steady cause they musta? Been soft?
[Dj rewinds] I ain't from Compton!

Straight up Watts! [x4]
[Paris] "Attitude but I ain't from Compton"
Straight up Watts! [x4]
[Paris] "Attitude but I ain't from Compton"

(Watts everyday that there's thumbs up) Nah, thumbs down
They didn't take us serious, now I'ma clown
From state to state, every underground, city
Will know that I'm from the land, of no pity
Hittin your city like a demon on the loose
Watts is in effect (givin Compton a boot!)
(Hug the microphone, Dee spit
The dope shit that the suckers can't fuck with!)
A miracle incline, whenever I rhyme mine
Suckers will rewind, and try to de-sign
Somethin that sound ("like" - Slick Rick)
But ain't hittin ("like")
The way the that Dirty Kev rock the mic
On stage I'ma motherfuckin Watts baller
With a posse full of shitstarters you don't want a war
Gangsterish hits, what you meants, to create
Eighty-eight was the time (in ninety-one we had to wait!)
I peep the rookies in rap, boo, bitches With Attitudes
(Talkin about another nigga's jack moves!)
But the topic of discussion is rhymes perpetrated
Play at the role of a ganster (you gettin faded!)
Talkin that same gang, you down with the real thang
Check the charts, it's nineties niggaz still dyin man
(The Bottom posse crew comin live and direct)
Straight from the niggaz in Garden Projects

If you don't know what set, try the heart of the city
A controversial rap, but we feel no pity
The job wasn't done (someone had to do it)
They called up my crew (and we got right to it)
When you think of la (niggaz think Compton)
(But where was Compton when Watts was stompin)
We speakin on the 70's and even the 60's
Compton was somewhere singin? Saint Dixie?
Back then it was a place for the upper class folks
The other side of town our parents were broke
Blacks moved to Compton, they thought it was a privelege
I remember when they first built the Village
They try to make it appear that Watts is forgotten
Oftb means Operatin From The Bottom
The last nigga played us (I shot him!)
We comin on strong yeah we must check Compton
You niggaz need to know that Watts is stompin!
(Crack em) I ain't from Compton

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