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Be Good Lyrics

Off With Their Heads – Be Good Lyrics

In time the fever that has kept you weak
Will have full on taken it’s toll
It’s taken away and it’s taken it’s shape
In the illusion that you still hold
Nothing is OK
Nothing has changed and it’s all too familiar
So we curl up and hide from all that’s outside
Closed shades and locked up doors
It’s true
It’s loud
It’s hard
And it’s all I know
I can’t take anymore
I just want out right now
I had assumed I would have been gone by now
But the ship has weathered the storm
And the feeling of defeat
That lies underneath is still alive and on it’s course
I’m destroyed
I have nothing but I speak of the truth as I see fit
I have nothing to lose I have nothing to gain
I’m at the whim of what I’ve retained
Be good
Be loud
Hands up to the sky and shout
At the top of your lungs until the floor falls out
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