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Penny Lyrics

ODIE – Penny Lyrics

[Verse: Odie]
Drunk call, drunk call
Someone take me home
I've been searching in my pocket
For my wallet, found my phone
Up in Sheffield
With my best friend
Not my old one
Maybe cause he couldn't give his girl a proper bone
I'm so tipsy, I'm so hippy
Hit my one-two step
Walking dizzy, playing Drizzy
Now I'm feeling myself
It's a cold world, all alone world
Heart of stone pearls
I just need somebody I can love until the morn, girl
Hop up in a ride
Take a chance and fly, (airplane)
Halfway 'round the world it'd just be you and I (fairplay)
Maybe it's the brown that make me wanna' do you (all day)
But you can't deny that we just both been hiding (something)
We can never fall, we can never fall in love
Cause our history too long and I give way too many fucks
I could put it in the open, let me hold you for the moment
Throw your feelings away
Keep on feeling on me

[Hook x2: Odie]
We fuck once now I'm trippin' off a sip of Henny
I'm that nigga with the peanut head and you my penny
Heard you found a new nigga with some money
I don't get it, why you making me so grumpy?
Never loved you, now I love you swear this she so funny
I've been all around the world, but are you thinking of me?
Call you once or twice to tell you, you my honey
In reality regret this shit on Monday

[Refrain: Odie]
In reality regret this shit on Monday
In reality regret this shit on Monday
In reality regret this shit on Monday
In reality regret this shit on Monday

[Outro x2: Odie]
Tell that nigga see my yacht, see my head
I've got niggas from the four, I've got niggas from the Bay
Tell your niggas to get lost, anyway
He don't never pay of course, he don't never make a date

[Produced by UNITÉ]
[Mix and Mastered by Ya'qob]
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