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God Shit Lyrics

O.C. – God Shit Lyrics

God Shit
Yo kid, you're gonna be large
I had a dream in Brooklyn, it was written in the stars
They chopped up beat bop and said it was ours
We're too original, the vinyl should've never went digital
Yo, She killed me with an old Mayan ritual
The world was too big to swallow, so I spit at you
The Hebrews were ridiculed, Jews reinvented Jews
The news played faces of death that were never viewed
The truth hits society hard as Muhammad Ali
My heart was in tune to Ghandi
I slept on Michel Gondry, you niggas is playing bitch
Real niggas was real niggas, both sides of the fence
Your gender is tender, you cried under your dreams
You pride yourself, highly tucked in the asses of kings
My soil is rich, on this earth blood has never fell
You wish to be royal but just spoiled yourself
Your fascist is racist, you asking to play with God
How can taking lives equate to even odds?
Your numbers that fumbled you, may it humble you in you're gonna use
That mirror in front of you shows eyes that never wanted you, Uh
All dumb and forgotten freedom, all running without a reason
The blood in your eyes bleeding
The West, confess, The war was never a war
The Indians slept, negroes were given swords
His crown was made of thorns, his crown was made of gold
My throne is the earth and that heaven will be my robe
Your soul is never felt, a rain that's never fell
Nine planets, sun, moon, stars, heaven, and hell

God Shit Biatch

Welcome to Los Angeles nights
Where the darkest streets get lit up by the ambulance lights
Behold the ambiance, beyond the arts of scandalous trif(ling)
Riding on handles bars that tighten plus enlightening dumb niggas
When i dump, triggas get pulled, i dismantled his life
You try and see me in the booth, well stupid nigga you die
You think you've ever been the truth, well stupid nigga you lie
The way the winter burning hot you think this shit was July
I made the way for these new rap styles, these fag niggas wanna act out
Get smacked out, your Chuck-T's, When the Mad Hat with the gat BLAOW!
I'm The Joker, You Riddler, I'm Batman, You Nightwing, I'm Lightning
You starstruck, my shit crack, you a pipe fiend, where your clip be?
My name all in your hoes mouth like my dick be
They know not who they test
Father forgive these, fraud ass niggas
On word they heinous, With the (?) like Game of Thrones
So your king can die slow
Cause the light shown on the Dirty Science alliance, and us three knights
And nine eyes on a lion, that's the arrow, that's shooting out the barrel
Of the iron
The baddest like it's no devil, the hardest like my heart is made of stone and my bones metal
My mind and my soul, ghetto as fuck
I'm too clutch, I'm Kukoc with the three's ho
You Dwight Howard with the free throws
Never back down that's a "G" code, for the G's its a G-O
It appears i'm a G-O-D, amongst queers, never fear tho
Yo, stop acting like a weirdo
To fear Co$$ and to hear Co$$ is what God gave you ears for you fraud
Yo, obey the laws, or we gon' flex these arms, pick up arms and spray up all punks

God Shit Check it

Written on the tablets and stones
Engrave truth into the culture full of faggots and clones
Strike like military tactics reenacted with drones
Never seen it coming, running like there is possibly a safer zone
Imhotep but in more depth, where foes slept
Entering their co-text I built a cold rep
Eyes like fire, rise like Zya, soul supplier
Chef!, Stay cooking up dope raps with the cast iron
When everything you do backfires
I'm buying back entire tracks, sold yourself short when you desired racks
And guarded Jewels but fools must learn the rules first
Tools, gems, and wisdom I've consumed since birth
Planted seeds upon this Earth so the crops richen
Told them other niggas to stop snitching, you ain't hurting this pimpin
With penning the verse is infinite, delivering the infamous
I'm locked to this music like consecutive life sentences
With a slight vengeance, though I might be contingent
On whats going on inside your mind's prison
And devise, risen, exceeded the sky's limit
Felt the calling in the genes like fly denims when rhymes hit em
Moving the masts, time travel through the verses
Then disperse us in your hood from feeling a greater purpose indeed
I do it just-service
You front and center for the reckoning
You about to witness emergence or more
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