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Doin Dirt Lyrics

O.C. – Doin Dirt Lyrics

Yo, I'm in the Rover with my co-defendant, the club ended
Wolves posted out in front of the spot, I'm feelin vengeance in the air
Some kids had beef with last year
Hit my man 'cross the face with a bat now it's our tears
We caught one cat a month, Pryor lit fire to 'em
I kicked him in his dick, now his fuck game ruined
His ex-girl I'm screwin, disrespect all around the board
Homeboy, motherfuck you and yours

[Chorus: O.C.]
Doin dirt comes back ten times over
Watchin your back becomes a 9 to 5 to survive
Gettin drunk is a mistake, you gotta stay sober
Cause the, blink of an eye is all it takes to die

Parked the Rover post outside the trunk, no idea
these the same kids from last year
I'm indecisive 'bout the baseball cats pulled low; for some reason
stomach had butterflies to leave but I didn't go
My dog said let's go chill by the exit
And watch the hoes come out, nah dawg, I'ma chill right here
Tryin to get a good look at these dudes
Yet the crowd was less than what I saw before, I play it cool
Get the keys from my co-D, hit the alarm
Played the driver's seat, turn on some tunes to stay calm
Lean my, skull on the headrest, heart pumpin inside of my chest
I'm wide open, no gun, no vest
Shoulda listened to the voice in my head, and told my man let's dip
A big commotion, somebody started some shit
Mouth dry from fear, unaware of homeboy and his peeps
was right behind me, creepin up from the rear

[Chorus] - 2X

Niggaz approach from the blindside, tapped on the window
I was, smokin the indo, paranoid like a schizo
My eyes opened wide surprised, like I saw a ghost
Lookin down the barrel of toast, I sit froze
It was the kid we stomped out, with a devilish grin
From a year ago, back with his men, back for revenge
White flash, it smashed the window, hittin my chest in tempo
Ears ringin like a clash from a cymbal
Fightin to breathe, thinkin 'bout my girl and my seed
Slumped over like a parapleg', not promised to see
sunrise or my, son rise to manhood
Will he feel abandoned? FUCK
I tried fightin, people lookin in the car frightened
like I ain't gon' make it... damn...

(Never thought he'd come back like this, blastin)
(Like I said, it was funny like that in the ville sometimes)
(I had done too much to turn back)
(And I done too much to go on)
(My grandpa asked me one time, whether I care whether I live or die)
(Yeah I do, but now it's too late...)
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