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Truth To Power Lyrics

Obie Trice – Truth To Power Lyrics

Shit, Obie nigga I told you on this man. Niggas ain't even real nowadays. I mean, I remember??? Back in the day, when it was actually real hip hop. These niggas wearing dresses heh, nigga are you serious? Haha I don't even understand, I don't really get it. I turned on the television heh, and this shit is going on from Empire. Empire? Nigga you trying to be Jamal from Empire. I call these niggas Solange. I just don't want to be politically correct but shiiit.. I call it like I see it. It's the??? To our communities. To be honest I don't really give a fuck. These niggas really wearing dresses, and you calling it hip hop

[Verse 1: Obie Trice]
I don't with fuck with you niggas you all fake
I don't see the point in your hearts, pulsate
Yea you problamatic on social media
Apologetic when approach greetin' ya
This what the culture leadin' ta
Yellow backs with jeans squeezing their penises
And we supposed to receive them as rap geniuses
Are we supposed to believe what niggas heeding us
When they sweeter than Jujubes, Reese's Pieces

Candy coated niggas corroded the G Code
I don't give a damn how much coke that he sold
Cuz on the low, look at him gropin' assholes
Am I the only nigga with his eyes not closed

Guess so, fuck the rest you, plus the dress shoe game
And niggas is flamin', And I be steady aimin'
America won't bully me in tryna understandin'
Fuck these lames man, I'ma talk truth to power
Turn rap??? To flowers, rip delusional cowards
Lying to the youth they swallow us (Hahaha)
Nigga talk truth to power

Haha, now that's what the fuck I'm talking about

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