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Funky Payback Lyrics

O. G. Style – Funky Payback Lyrics

[ verse 1: The E ]
Now let's get started, let me break it down to a new track
It's the Funky Payback on wax
Some mc's thought I slipped
How that sound, bro, y'all can't get with E
Yo, here comes a change of pace, a change of tune
A change of deck, played at your end with the last track
And some of y'all still wanna come for some
And get diddy-diddy-done, son
Cool like The Mack, in fact I'm ready to attack
The wick-wick-wick wack, now clap
To the funky track that I brung ya
Laced with bass and funky lyrics that I sung ya
1-2-3 or is it 3-2-1
Call me E or just son of a gun
Cause every time I play with words in this way
Mc's in the place, they think it's okay
For them to run up and get played like an ass
Sometimes I go slow, sometimes I go fast
But I last longer than the average Jack
So yo, here's the Funky Payback

(Time to get busy, this is my payback)

[ verse 2: The E ]
Verse 2 kinda keeps the head shakin
Cause of the lyrics that I gunnin when I'm breakin
All over mc's that be tryin to riff
You need to get a grip or else get stripped
Of that title that you so-called got
You ain't that hot, your ryhme's a flop
So where's your disc jock?
But you still wanna run up, so what up punk?
I serve that ass real fast from the jump
Yo, you're nothin but a runner, son of a (chill!)
But I told em, now watch me scold em
To a groove that improve as it soothes
It kinda makes you wanna move cause it's smooth
It's that type of hype, so believe it
Brought by the Boss and the E
With the funky little track for the wack
To show you that I'm stacked
Here's the Funky Payback

[ verse 3: The E ]
My style is complete with a hype track
I'm new but not a new jack
I heard that stuff that you're callin rap
Give me a reason to acknowledge you as a fly mc
You're not original, you're w-a-c
Which means wack to the point that you lack
Self-esteem and motivation, here's a new verse
You heard the title and you thought I might curse
Like I said last record, get a hearse
Cause it gets much worse when I emcee
There's not a new jack swing that can get with E
As far as I know, I steadily flow and grow
That's why I'm down with the O-
G Style in effect and I'm housin
I'm on point while them suckers be loungin
Did a little show, now you think you're a star
But I know you're not up to my par
Yo, how could you sit back and talk that
Talk you talk when you know you ain't all that
You should think before you get in my mix
Cause I serve you soft mc's for kicks
But you still don't seem to get the point
So we hyped up this track to flaunt
Somethin kinda funky to inject as the page turns
I'm not concerned, you'll learn while I burn
As I put pen to paper, smoother than a caper
You heard "Catch 'Em Slippin'" and caught vapors
Here's a track for the wack to show you that I'm stacked
Called the Funky Payback
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