Hoodrats mayne, they make the world go round
But I'm not giving a damn, because when I'm coming around
I make your girl go Down, Down, Down
Hoodrats mayne, they make the world go round
Not giving a Damn, because I'm ready to pound
When them Hoodrats around round round


Around middle school is when I first ran into ya
My first white Hoodrat that resigned in Valencia
I picked her up and she knows what lives ahead
She was one of them types, that like giving head
And with that said I handled business
Had her sticking out her tongue more than her local dentist
Even had a witness That just stirred up trouble
She never watched T. V. But never missed my daily double
Down to flip Oh yeah, can't forget
My Rialto chica who called wheneva for the dick
Got cheddar from this chick
She keep me icy she would do whateva just because she liked me
Sayin' "O G Money" like how you know my name?
Complaining about these Hoodrats, well now you know my game
Something like Jay-Z because I'm on to the next one
And no we don't go out, just a girl I get s** from
Not trying to impress them
More like the opposite of stress them
Then test 'em Go Fishin'
See if I can catch 'em slippin'
Dip in late night wipin'
Then I'm getting home know I need to leave 'em alone
But there's so many from city to city
That want to lick me down like this chick in the agg town
Wore a heart shaped necklace
Said she was new to Texas
Said she needed a friend I thought it was all pretend
But uh... Ha well I took advantage
I'm sorry but in a flash, I smashed and vantage
A week later, heard da homie did damage
Da Big homie told me that they weren't afraid of cameras
Well Damn, there goes another one
And I heard Shar'na had another son
I guess this is a subject I can wrap
I guess that's a life of a hoodrat
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Hood Rats Lyrics

O G Money – Hood Rats Lyrics

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