Cold sheet like a shiver of gentle
Drifting past a scene of awe
Any day I'd row a lover, in a perfumed lake we'd soar

Eyes that tickle my thinking
While I watch her dance desire
Could there be greater beauty
Than this light reflecting here

Days and hours lost to music
Every note a stroke of joy
Wearing peace and splendid duty
Faithfully I tend to her

Seamless gifts offered solely
Offerings to our love
Secret meetings long for private
Cosy clean angel doves

Guilty mornings dusk to dawnings
Vice like cravings do addict
Mind bent on attending
Lost to sound of voice like grit

I dream to break away this Passion
Find a lover real and new
But till then I swim in pleasure
Every stroke so sensual
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Gentle Pleasure Lyrics

O' Cealleigh – Gentle Pleasure Lyrics