Nylon beat, love and hate:
What do I do?
What di I say?
In my life there's only you
Our love is real in a way
But do you have to hurt me too
How will I know this is for real
You always got the best of me
But at the end I have this year
You wouldn't share my fantasy
This is about our love and hate
We better stop before it's too late
That's way my heart is black and blue
And cryiing
Were only playing peace and war
I've never flet like this before
There's nothing left to say or do
Loves dying
You had my trust and my heard
You had the front row in my dreams
But you let go right from the start
You wont believe how bad it feels
And now it all is in the past
Your aren't my future anymore
We could have made everything last
Instead we only lost it all
This is about.... X 3
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Love And Hate Lyrics

Nylon Beat – Love And Hate Lyrics