1st verse
Nv Sicc

Aye growin up my moms was hard on me... Broke me down strayed my path from a youngin to a real O. G... I was like what this lady know about me?... And why she tryna live my life and keep me away from my real homies... But all the while she was teachin me.. That the only people I should hang around and love in my life is jus my family... Really she was keepin me... Safe from the outside crazy streets and really all of lifes insanities.. I gotta tell ya moms, how much you mean to me... You workin hard everyday your really just the queen for me.. Taught me lessons, everything is not just what it seems to be.. And molded me into a man with actions like a kings should be.. In all this happiness I really wish that Dad was here... I know he kept you company working those 20 years... But know that he lives in your heart so you can always hold him near..

Nv Sicc and Shae

This song was written for you.. And everything that you do for us and we're so happy.. That we can actually thank you... You worked hard and it shows that you... Deserve all the time in the world... That you need to relax cause you worked hard... And we're so proud, and we love you... Todays ya day and now ya done now you can have some fun..

2nd Verse
Lil Ronnie

My grandma is my best friend.. She helped raise from a baby to a now confident young man.. She so smart when she teaches me.. That clothes and money aint important when we tryna live in God's plan... That's why my grandma is the specialist... I look at her and stand proud what she does and for who I am.. She fills all our lives with happiness.. She kept us safe so to do the same for her I'll do all I can mannn.. You really are an angel, you got the special touch.. You always stay humble never really ask for much.. You so understanding, cared for us and you are such... A blessing to us and that is why your loved so much...

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Dedication Lyrics

Nv Sicc – Dedication Lyrics