Man is unfinished animal
Feeding on helpless spoken word
Why can't this iron jaw elate
And speak with the tongues of angels

Hey do you hear a word I say
A simple you're ok is underrated
Is there anyone listening
Hey don't turn and walk away
A vital you're ok I think would do it
Is there anyone listening

There are words more precious than jewels
Buried beneath the thought of you
They hide in the corner of your soul
A verbal kaleidoscope

This detonator in my mouth
Armed with some touchy dynamite
Blasting a pocketful of screams
Scattering frequencies

Calling iron jaw
Can't you hear me call
I'm right here

Thought keep it in the vault
It's not your fault
No one likes to hear the pain
Killers killer pain so insane
Asylum where you live large
But who's in charge card
Credit check reject eject
Cassette tape is stuck pig
Got an apple in your mouth

You know you gotta dial
1 800 help you need somebody
Help is on the way
Out of breath
Start to shake speare
Without a pen you vow to escape
From the jaws of life
Sucks then you die
It's a lie on the beach
Soaking up the son of god
'cause he can hear you
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Iron Jaw Lyrics

Nuno Bettencourt – Iron Jaw Lyrics