I had someone to hold me tight. I was high then she left me low. Iґm walking lonely streets in Winter. Feelґs like the final show.
Iґm lost in memories. That I canґt hide away. Youґre gone, my soul will freeze. Is this the price I pay...?
Cold Embracing, still amazing. My everlasting love.. Do you hear the calls Iґm sending out? Cold Embracing, now Iґm facing. The emptiness inside. Take my word and I will make it right. Or itґs the end of my life.
I see you walking next to me. There was magic in your eyes. The crowd would stare and then we brought. The fantasies to life.
All lost in memories. Just on my mind. Ainґt there a chance for me. To make it up in time...?
Cold Embracing, .....
Cold Embracing, .....
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Cold Embracing Lyrics

Number Nine – Cold Embracing Lyrics