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Same Clothes Lyrics

Nucky Breaux Jr – Same Clothes Lyrics

Feat. Tonn Deep

I'm on paper chase so yeah I gots to go if u ain't getting money then what u leaving 4
I'm a hustla if u ain't seen one before it's been three days still the same clothes
I'm on paper chase so yeah I gots to go if u ain't getting money then what u leaving 4
I hustle hard u niggas betta act like u know it's been three days still the same clothes.

Nucky Breaux Jr - Verse 1
I'm on my paper chase so yeah I gots to go cuz being broke is not a lifestyle I live 4. Call up my kinfolk Cue-P wuz cracking homes heard got them pounds is cool for me tag along. My money funny but I lost my since humor. My bank account is empty and my car could use a tune up. Ain't no coice 4 me but turn up this the life of Edmond Jr many rifa blunts I burn up tryna keep myself from ruin. I ask the Lord protect me forgive for what I'm doing but devil he convinced me to take them trips to Houston. Cuz money motivates me especially when it escapes me I be on it like my schwinn when I use ride down on 8th st. I Ain't wainting foe no pay day I want my money today cuz niggas acting too hard but faker than a toopay. I'm on my grind all day long if u wanna be broke than stay home. it's been three days and I can't sleep so I'm on my feet same clothes on. Same clothes on.


Tonn Deep - Verse 2
I be hustling hard but I ain't going fed 3 dayz same clothes I ain't been to bed nuttn but thoughts of getting money running thru my head rain clouds ain't nuttn sunny when u low on bread u at the club I'm on the block yo gun stay locked my gun stay cocked muthafuck uh cop I ain't closing shop I'm the type dats gone do it til my casket drop dat ain't til my heart stop I might make the dope swell I might make dope drop either way it's gone sale hustlers gotta give me props TonnDeep uh muthafuckn fool in dat pot and my niggaz is sum fools wit dem tools you'll get shot man I gotta get it no matter the weather so rain, sleet, or snow just kno I'm down 4 whatever but I ain't wit the dumb shit so when I move I be clever cuz dem folks won't hesitate to lock uh nigga up 4ever, but Real niggaz already kno when u paperchase u gots ta go

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