Yeah, one, two...

Uh, perfection is the key
Nah, perfection is me!
I keep my room neat
You got Noah on the beat
Like I'm playin' for the Heat, D. Wade
Tossin' up three fades
Like I don't know what he say'd
Killed the whole game like I'm Jason
Then I run 100 yards like I'm Walt Payton, Heisman
Hi, man
My name is Noah
I drink soda
Pepsi or Cola
I don't give a fuck though
I'm cut-throat
Bass be rockin' through my spinal
Off to Goodwill so that I can cop some vinyl
I'm drinking from a vial
Cause I'm in the lab and this session is gettin', gettin' longer than the

Yeah, visions of dressing in blue velvet
Yeah, here we go like...

[Verse 2:]
Damn, these girls are too nice
Get some Peach Tea and then pour it on some ice
And then we crash on the couch and watch some Netflix
One year I'mma make sure I'm on the guest list
I guess it's just dedication and I kill 'em with this smile
Fall asleep watchin' 8 Mile
Just dial 1-800 took your bitch
Flyin' to London, "Who is this?"
Unnamed, Nowah Beatz coming to your city, yes we untamed
And these women come on strong, yeah barbell
Nowah Beatz running fast like I'm in the Cartel

Blue Velvet...
Until next time...
Nowah Beatz
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Blue Velvet Lyrics

Nowah Beatz – Blue Velvet Lyrics

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