Candlelight contains the night
Heaven lends an ear
And I lift you to the throne
Sending empathy on a summer breeze
To brush the window sill
Where you sit alone
Ooh, the silence whispers your name
Echoing tears with arrain/arraign
Something told me you might be crying
Lying with your smile, alone
Something told me yours may be troubled eyes
Broken windows to your soul
For every tear that you cry I promise you, I'll cry too
I have seen the hearts of queens
Broken now and then
One of them is yours
I won't lie if you ask me
Why it's gotta be this way
But I may not have much to say
Ooh, the moon reminds me of your face
As I pray your heart finds grace
(repeat twice)
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I'll Cry Too Lyrics

Nouveaux – I'll Cry Too Lyrics