Words echo in abyss, the glow of rotten moon
Lights the path I stumble, from one misery to another
I just want to dream, to see through my destiny
The final blaze of heart, the hymn for torn apart

Burning, bleeding passion
I bear fire in my heart
Not in a state of grace,
But one of the Outcast in shades

Have I befouled this dress so shining and white?
Yet a feast to come, after the absence of light
Who told of wish to face me? Now unwrap the shell around
With the wandering gaze of thine, with the answer of prayers of mine

You're blessed by the same angel,
Possessed by the same demon as I am
Ponder this in your heart, while you dye this soil with my blood


This is symphony of shattered souls
Ave Ignifer!
And fire burns...
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Ignifer Lyrics

Noumena – Ignifer Lyrics