I Know Before
It Happens, i'll be more
prepared for whats in store, it's just so far away

I admit..
I ignored that when the time came
I wanted you, but you wanted nothing to do with me

You wanna stay
Away from me today
Or atleast for the rest of the years that im alive
But now i say, im sorry i don't care anyway
Yet everyday i regret times you could have spent with me

Life cant get better than(in time you'll learn too)
Life cant get better than....
Moving on, its easy being strong
Inform me i was wrong, forgive me i am sorry
If you'll just let go, and just hold on to me
for you i know i would do anything
(i would do anything x4)

Far gone, out of my reach...
Not even a song like this
Would make you shed a tear
(heres my heart, your in my prayer)

You and I
Together forever i cry
If i could only have the chance to prove my longingness to you


Put it in the past
Behind us so maybe it lasts
Theyd find us together forever (forever) x7
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Moving On Lyrics

Nothing To Lose – Moving On Lyrics