Yeah yeah, ohh
Oh girl
Yeah yeah, ohh

[Verse 1:]
Your face, your hair, your attitude
Your eyes, your smile, your body too
These are are some of the things
That I like
And there's a couple I can't describe
(Oh girl)
You the type that don't bring the drama
You the type I take to meet the mama (girl)
And I know that she gon' like you too

Baby that's why I choose you
You're not that everyday girl
But still around the way girl
Baby that's why I choose you
Cuz you know what I'm thinkin'
Before I even speak it
Just to they don't get it confused
It's Y-O-you
And everything I do
It's for Y-O-you (oh)
I'm convinced baby you're the one for me
Girl I know fo' sho'
Baby that's why I choose you
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I Choose You Lyrics

Not Like Them – I Choose You Lyrics