Is it really what you're looking for?
Is it enough or are you searching for more?
I think it's time you should realize
What style you should compromise

Is it really what you wanna see?
The expectation you wanted them to be
Take your time, you've been in misery
Decide it tact what you wanna be

Cause everything's certain
All in one
And everything's good to hear

It's the life that I go for
The way is not far
The contrary of an ordinary life
Now it's time to
Rock with us and go
You know with the flow
You know you're gonna have
The best time of your life

Is it something that you really need
A part of life you had to combat to keep
No more trash and no more lies
I don't care about your disguise

Is it something that you're striving for?
Head up and both feet on the floor
Working hard for all you get
And never stop until the end

All I ever longed for reaching
For the life I'm aiming for
This is why I'm with you preaching
Never said to go for more
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Best Time Of Your Life Lyrics

Not Called Jinx – Best Time Of Your Life Lyrics

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