Oh my god, so you think you're nineteen?
Have you looked in the mirror, have you really seen?
People say your as young as you feel.
But really dude, you gotta get real

Nineteen x's 2 plus a whole bunch more
Act your age if ya wanna score
Old is s***, attractive and wise
It's gonna show in those beautiful eyes.

Wholly shit, you can't think you're nineteen?
Act your age not your shoe size, ya gotta come clean.
Woman like a man that has the smarts
At your age, you got that and all the parts.


Now that's what I'm saying, gotta keep it real
You really are as young as ya feel.
But nineteen forever is not where it's at
29 or 34 but it's weird to act younger than that.

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So You Think You're Nineteen Lyrics

Not Born Yesterday – So You Think You're Nineteen Lyrics