Stop! The traffic light is red! Breaking, standing, waiting makes me sad!
Don't waste my time, I wanna move. I've got a watch from Casio, it is waterproof!
I've got enough, that's it so far! I'm in the right mood now to break down every bar.
Well good idea, no when? And why? And it doesn't matter if it's day or night.

Come on and join me in going crazy. Don't give a shit for what the other people say!
It's a feeling like stormy water. No time for worries, just kick 'em all away!

Hey, mister go away, 'cause if you won't I guess this will be your last day!
Yeah! I am hot, I am on fire. Oh shit, I burned a hole in my front tire!
My tire's blown but I'm not blue 'cause there is no one who can tell me what to do!
Just let me say before I die: That's my way of life!

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My Way Lyrics

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