I'm is the bar and I'm very rich
I wanna drink and smoke forever
Night of the nights and the king of the drinks
Yeah, it's Captain Morgan breakfast

The pleasure it is mine, I'm pooping in the corner
the atmosphere is wonderful tonight

I order 10 and then a few more
I know it's Monday that's like Friday
my voice is gone and I'll drink it back
this is the daily routine way

The pleasure it is mine, it's tasting like a diamond
here I go, there's much I have to try

I wanna check it out, beer and wine forever
I wanna check it out sickness doesn't matter
don't wanna leave it out, drinking all is better
don't wanna leave it out bombed k.o. forever !!!

Aaaah I'm the puking god of thunder!
there's no chair and as a matter of fact
the world turns upside down.

The pleasure it's mine, I'm lying in the corner
but fast as a lightning I'm back at the bar
I am a funny guy, so I order Cpt. Morgan
take the Coke and ram it in your ass!
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In The Bar Lyrics

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