Northborder Composition (Tears Falling From These Eyes)

I thought you were a friend
I thought you understand the
Things that I did for you...
I know you're trying to avoid my feelings for you
But why am I feeling so close
Though you're far away... ?

Chorus: Oh angels cry the rain comes down
Oh children cry, their faces turn to frown
The King feel sad he lost his crown but why should I cry tonight?
You'll never see tears fall from these eyes

Though you hurt me once, though you hurt me twice...
Even if it came to "how many times"
Though it hurts to me, Still I'll set you free...
But one day you'll realize, I'm worth everything...

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: Just walk away, Of course today,
Coz I don't want to see your face.
Leave me alone, don't play a song coz I don't wanna be consoled...

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Tears Falling From These Eyes Lyrics

Northborder – Tears Falling From These Eyes Lyrics

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