Nobody told me that at midnight I would love you more
Than I would at dawn but I'm just trying,
I'm just trying to move on
You said you needed time away
I never thought you'd stay
But we could've played along
We could've played along

And of course as soon as one thing
Goes wrong, the rest just follow along
Like they don't have better things to do
So pour me a drink or two,
I'll have it out with the rest of myself
This night's gone on too long
But I guess you could'a figured that out

At least you made it easy
Easy for me to want to leave
Easy for me to hate you all over again
No, we can't just be friends

Breathing in the smoke isn't so bad
It's a refreshing change from the
Cold War we've had and
I don't mind
If it burns my lungs
I know that there's nothing
Nothing left for you to destroy anymore

And you're just staring at her
Right in front of me and
This is my second bottle
This is my favourite song
This night's gone on too long
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In Other News, You've Moved On Lyrics

North Of September – In Other News, You've Moved On Lyrics

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