Why is it that you're cold then you're hot?
You're like putty in my hands, then you're not.
Why is it that you're bold then so shy with me?
You slip through my fingers and you hide from me.
I love the squeeze that sends a chill and makes me wriggle
I hate the tease that ends a thrill and makes me giggle
I'm aware that you'll resist if I snare you
But I swear that I'll persist, you little square, you!
I'll chase you, and find you. You can't escape!
I know your perfume- I know your shape
Where have you gone?
I'm sitting on a volcano with a halo around my head.
I'm trying to be good, so don't erupt; with your fiery little temper and disrupt any hope that I've had.
Before I choke I'll be glad if when I pull out the plug I get the one in love- I get the very illusive- makes me abusive: piece of... Soap!
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Bath Song Lyrics

Norman Wisdom – Bath Song Lyrics

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