Just* to be clear l, boogie does +not+ in this case refer to lauryn hill [swizz

beatz] Let's
get it started get, it started Let's
keep it started keep, it started Yeah
yeah, violater, the album Go
go, go, [l!!

boogie] This
is for my mob and my thug n s****Ruff
ryder bug n s****def, jam website violate the club n s****Screaming
what what, n s****y'all, a bunch of but n s****Always
want figures but never play the cut n s****Talk
mad s titbut never put up n s****Is
it cause I bust wit stuff that just shut up n s****Flow
like dro I, pull then clip it or mix it wit some moet then sip it Then
turn around and flip it s, titon your whole album wit a snippet Run
up on your lawyer for your contract then rip it Shame
on your label for, trying to let you eat at my seat When
they know I call my name at this table I'm
gon always be here and, y'all always gonna fear The
bronx making them recoreds cause we always prepared Got
sons you don't know about ones, you don't know about Buns
by the tons mad, guns and we going out What

beatz] It
ain't over it, ain't over ain't, over [sonja

blade] I'm
the one wit the chrome and the clothes Drop
flows from the dome wit, the ice got the price of a home and a lobe Sonja
blad-e just, so you know baby (yeah) Hold
eighty roll through you and your old lady How
rich this dough made me gold, az matching the navie S
tityou won't find at old navy two, hundred zero ad Still
live s titspit, to divide cliques on some wise guy s titSame
chick from the pretty? , eyes lips thighs, hips everything five and six Height
five six jeans, five six benz, green five and six keep me five or sixed We
know dice hit want cream fold for, two green five six seelo and the ego (yeah) So
how you flipping grams yo (uh uh) I'm
touching keys like pianos to getting dough like tony soprano [noreaga]

my n s****is on the same level I'm on You
ask me why I'm melvin flynt I'm doing a p Ay***
yo y'all n s****is faker then a three dollar bill And
I don't shoot to bust yo I shoot to kill What's
going on yo the, jumpoff and jump off flow Yo
I'm in five o o, o, yo, pass that hoe After
you get done wit it yo, let me hit it B
s*****know how I come I, bring the c witits it All
of the thug piece you know I gotta rock wit it I
ear plane the hoe like I cockpitted Yo
I love my n s****don't, love no chicks I
like to light the blunts then order my licks Foundation
m are**********like the bottom of bricks I'm
from iraq n anuswit domican hits Peurto
rican motherfuckers yo y'all fake they fits Violator
m are**********[mysonne]

yo, I
told these n s****from the gitty up Yall
give me sixteen yo I'll tear this whole city up And
n s****don't believe then tell em put fifty up All
bets is down all, my thugs do dirt all, our tecs spit rounds My
Playas? disrespected clowns Bringing
guns weed, and coke to connected towns See
I pop n s****like corn and, real killers do killings wit the lights on I
knock em out cause, I don't like to fight long Remember
me lefty gun up in my right palm It's
mysonne see, mysonne is the one that knock on your door You
open up you, see a w e***wit the glock to your jaw See
mysonne is the one that hit the blocks wit the raw For
his money mysonne, air the block wit the four Yall
cowards don't want war y'all, can't stand pain Cop
you some gators drink, champane Cause
when it comes to the street s titI, let the heat lift Murder
scene police lines n anuswhite sheet s titYall
roll wit n s****I'm, the one they roll wit Yall
go get n s****I'm, the one they go get Yall
n s****don't want nothing to do wit me Cause
I spit guns and rhymes like their's two of me M

s****can't be serious we, wear guns like clothes But
only show em when it's time to blow em in bulk We
been through way worse then war razor, fights and more Left
n s****wit leaks holes, and wide jaw Be
the quiet storm appear, how you wanna scale bar Check
out your weight see, if it's worth to war We
did the street life y'all n s****just got involved My
appetite for guns is similar to carnivores Dislike
me you head on fight, me you dead wrong Cause
now a days you only get wet wit my dead on Don't
let this song push you the, fourth hit you Have
you keyed up gasping for breath on the floor cripple Infamous
we take it to the extremes my words Especially
when a n anusmistake me for herb Get
buried over words I'm, loose wit the dessy bird I
can show ready or tell y'all, n s****heard [busta

rhymes] Now
gitty up now it's, lighting horse back saddleing Rob
beaches like we rowing a boat and we paddleing Down
a stream of water wet, any n anuschalleging Blow
one all in your knee cap leave you staggering Scrambling
cause theirs a whole lot of s titwe be handling My
hands all in the money f, k**it we dibble and dabbling Got
you imageing how this could really all be happeing My
landscape of live n skankstretch from here to maryland Blaw
put one in a n anuswho be rambling And
blow a hundred thou if y'all n s****is really gambling Gritty
n s****feel the snap pop leaving it crackling You
know the bouncer keep all of my live n s****wild wit him Traveling
to see n s****from howard through grambling Ha
round up my n s****to form a large gathering Yo
rattling n s****who walk badlimp Beat
you in the same place till the blues start blacking C-e-o
n skankstay genaral managing Flipmode
throwing those heavy bundles we carrying Yo
analyze my many live n s****cramming it We
throw a three pointer while, y'all n s****throwing javelins Sweating
your whole s titfeel, your clothes dampeing Dancing
in a line of four wheel drives we lamping The
Arms? length up in the draw paneling Or
unraveling the truth on how n s****remain champions Ha
ha, ha, [busta

rhymes] Flipmode
violator, we, always silence s titF
k**is wrong wit yall Cut
that s titoff now Cut
it off n anusCut
it off n anus
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