Send* corrections to the typist [Chorus


doing Damage (uh) Damage, (uh) Damage, (uh) Damage, (uh) Damage

(uh) Damege, (uh) Destruction, (terror) m, are**********say what (One)?

something's got to give (Two)

something's got to give (Three)

something's got to give Arrrrrggghhhhhhh



Francis is out of it He. done switched his tone Closet

Alcoholics Anonymous b, h***I, drink alone Nobody

knows so I press on I..

go to Fugazi shows requesting Minor Threat songs Drunk

driving for Exxon Don't. slalom the icebergs It's

smooth sailing til the boat bottom bites curbs No

problem but, my sight's blurred Don't. serve me drinks Because

I'll write the words that make this whole world sink I'm

bitter sweet, and sour s, titI, need to shower s, titand shave Stuck

to the tv and completely out of it these days I've

got a cd F. k**the counterfeit djs Who

first fronted on our vinyl then bought Bounce off ebay I'm

sick of headwraps They... meditate on rhymes Swing

lead bats To... elevate their minds Get

back Emcees... ain't f gay***righteous Craig

Mack ain't never got his meat lumped like this [Chorus


2 I:

am a nightmare walkin' psychopath, stalkin' Natalie

Portman with a blank tape in my walkman Talkin

to myself over instrumental cassettes The

essential steps of having graphic telepathic, mental s Mind**

f k**me or get the hell off of my head case Suck

it up or spit it out How's. that medicated bed taste I?

replaced the sheets I. love ripping off pillow cases Breaking

teeth shoving, lip glass in your little faces Like

that "! Do; you like that "?"

If; you had hands attached to your arms would you fight back "?I;

hijacked your daughter's school bus Dismantled

ridiculous religions that supply Gods that you trust Whose

plush style of living and senseless spending Is

eh-heh-heh-heh-endinnnnnnng Sage

Francis manages bandages on cancerous mannequins Standing

in pajamas with bananas and candid cameras Damage

(Damage) You know what I'm saying (Damage)

(Damage) Yeah do, it with me (Every! chance I'm doing damage) Come

on y'all (Damage)! You know the damage (Damage) [Verse

3 ]:This

music's got abusive roots fists, hit my face on rough nights You

think bruises are cute but trick, you, ain't my blood type Some

strike the wrong nerve (the way they converse is weak ).Others

write with strong words (they can't build the nerve to speak ).Verbally

inept except when subjects are expected Preconceived

conversation styles ". That; small talk s titwas written kid "!Caught;

me Watch. me freestyle this bowel movement You

won't hear no " ooohs" or; " ahhhs" when; I choose to use no vowels stupid "!Thought;

I was kidding when I wasn't b, h***S?

titis hot Plumbers. unclog my toilet wearing over mitts Your

mommy thinks I'm dope There's... no pretending I'm not Put

hockey sticks in your throat From... the penalty box Enemies

jock while their girl shows athletic support Having

s for** the sport of it on basketball courts Maintaining

my composure when game night is over And

I don't strike a pose I... strike a poseur Doin'. damage [Chorus

2 ]:I'm

doing Damage (uh) Damage, (uh) Damage, (uh) Damage, (uh) Damage

(uh) Damege, (uh) Destruction, (terror) m, are**********say what (One)?

It's nothing wrong with me (Two)

It's nothing wrong with me (Three)

It's nothing wrong with me Arrrrrggghhhhhhh


4] I

quickly enter your honey dip strip, ends from your money clip Joe

Beats you to death with the s titend of his ugly stick Fighting

drama queens in the white college scene Wiping

pockets clean when we make them run their s titlike soccer teams After

they're chased with an axe Half... of their face'll collapse You

ain't copped it when Non-Prophets dropped bass on wax Well?

I'm, your typical hiphop political figure But

I'm not left wing or right wing I'm. the middle finger And

Joe's a sick demented, jaded, mind reader Who

shoots the s titwith a nickle-plated 9 mm When

it's time to rock shut the f k**up I

never had writer's block and Joey's never been in a production slump (Jump

Jump), It's totally worth it now (Jump

Jump), Don't listen when they say it's not (Jump

Jump), It always hurts coming down This

is my house you, don't like it Get? the f k**off of my rooftop (Yeah

yeah, cousin, Coming? through your area we're, Non Prophets Sage

Francis on the lyrics Joe, Beats on production And

my man dj Mek-a-lek on the cut bring, it )!(One)

It's nothing wrong with me (Two)

It's nothing wrong with me (Three)

It's nothing wrong with me Arrrrrggghhhhhhh
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Damage Lyrics

Non-Prophets – Damage Lyrics

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