Deep into the forest upon blackened hill
Across the cemetery where no one dares go by
Beyond the deadly barrier the path continues still
One step can be your last think clear or youТll die
Yellow eyes glow in the dark evil has you in sight
Beware of the swampits itТs the path to the unknown
Deep down the demons heartЕ

Cemetery of life

Buried in darkness, unholy ground
Rise the night without a sound
Cemetery of life
Rotten outside, twisted inside
Obsessed bodies that never really died

Occult Indian magic ruled centuries ago
Rituals took place to bring re-animation
Dance around the fireplace chant unholy words
Hail Manitou bring the dead to life
Sacrifice to the evil one to satisfy it's need
Sacred souls will die tonight let the serpent bleed
Drink the venomous bloodЕ

Cemetery of life

Rise from the crypts of darkness
Rise from the crypts of the undead

The mighty force is now fulfilled as the ritual is complete
The moon is full and bright now the dead will see the light
Rising from their tombs of death they are the living dead
The force grant them eternal life to do it's evil deeds
Hatred burns in their eyes you can not run or hide
You realize itТs not a dream when hands rip of your flesh
In the forest depths the heart of death shadows moves and twist
They marching out in the world in cover of the mist

Cemetery of lifeЕ
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Cemetery Of Life Lyrics

Nominon – Cemetery Of Life Lyrics