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Mitgefangen, Mitgehangen (Neckbreaking Consequences) Lyrics

Nomenmortis – Mitgefangen, Mitgehangen (Neckbreaking Consequences) Lyrics

I don't ask you to listen what I say
I have no reason to hope you understand it
I don't give a fuck about teaching you
I have no reason nor to spit to your stupid face
This or that, all is just a waste of time
On the ones with wormcorroded brains
Pathetic shittalking persons
Filthdoing brainless scum
Your deeds are coming in your traces
As you're walking straight to hell
I just laugh
Although with grinding teeth
How silly you can be yet
Faced to deserved hate
So do you think you have your own truth
So do you claim you're free to do everything
I don't give a fuck about expressing my scorn
Unless you have no interest to deserve my hate
I don't give a fuck
About senseless waste of my
Energy, power and thoughts
When the others will rise
To prove your patheticness
Digging the gold you'll gild your hands
Eat the shit - then the smell comes from your mouths
“I didn't want it this way”
You'll try to say in the end
Nobody will care to measure
Your innocence or guilt
You despised your brain
And simply pissed off
So just keep in your mind
What caught together means
That caught together
Means hanged together
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