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Who Fucked Who? Lyrics

Nomeansno – Who Fucked Who? Lyrics

Who fucked who? Who took who?
And what you took, will it do?
Did you win or did you lose?
Who fucked who? Who took who?

Essentially the way i see the world outside of me
Is covered by a film of treachery
There is no reason i can see for you to turn on me
But what is that i hear behind my back
Do you attack? who do, who do you attack?

Who fucked who? Who screwed who?
Who made what secret rendezvous?
And what was said between you two?
Who fucked who? Who screwed who, man?

When i see you now i really wonder why i cared
There really was no point to this despair
But when the lies are spoken, trust is broken, harm is done
Then nothing has been gained and nothing won
Just the hatred of a wounded enemy
And when you look at me, who do you see?
Who do you see? when you look at me, a wounded enemy

Who fucked who? Who screwed who?
Who took who, man? Who fucked who?

Hatred, animosity are real as life to me
There is no space between these minor chords
But if the scales of life are weighted down with cruelty
The other side is lifted up with love
Who do you, who do, tell me who fucked you?

(Roses are red, violets are blue,
You're fucked up, but i am too
It's a sad story.
Yea, we've all been on the bottom of the old in-and-out.
You've gotta rise up, rise up, rise up, an octave)
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