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Mary Lyrics

Nomeansno – Mary Lyrics

My mind is buried at the bottom of the sea
My voice is eaten by the crabs
You broke me when you broke the surface
Last, but not hte last
I am at the end of the depths
Wrecked and lost

You call me from the trees
But I fly above the bats and the birds
If I am a number
Or if I am a word
The mice that crawl on me

Know this word
The mice that crawl on me
Know this word
I am the last

You broke me, bu I live
Without end, under stones and crosses
You count your losses, your wounds mend
But I am the end of Oak and Yew
Of God and Death and you
I am the last

Before the surface broke, under the depths
Before the strokes of the lash
And the march to the crosses

Before you named me
Before you brake me
Before the first word and after the last

At the bottom of the sea
The crabs crawl on me
The mice crawl on me
They eat my voice

Take all I have to give
Before you
Before all
I live

Mary, it's time to pray, Mary
(first verse)
Mary! The last! Mary!
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