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Confront Lyrics

Nodes Of Ranvier – Confront Lyrics

Before I judge you
Maybe I should stop and hear your words.
Discussion is a lost cause
Replaced by both sides drawing swords.
Our generation, so eager to shed
The blood of our enemies.
The voice of reason is never heard, our flesh leads is to...

This our legacy, a nation of hearts.
A nation of hearts so sick and tired of beating.
Devoid of conscience, we fuel the fire.
Nothing to believe in,
When it seems every truth
Comes from the mouth of a liar.

We need stop and think this through.
Hearts and minds can be renewed.
So many issues with our differing views
So many channels, headlines and news
Sometime the future looks bleak for us,
But that's no excuse to turn away and give up.
This is just another song to encourage and remind
That we can't give in.
In a culture of death it's something that we need
To hear and again and again.
We must fight this...


We need to stop and think this through.
Hearts and minds can be renewed.
The passion of youth is a dangerous thing.
Fueled by pain, hate, love and dreams..
Waste this time and you'll never know
What seeds of light could have been sewn in this...

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