Riding the rattler
Destination Hell
Blades bared - Skin snaps
Clad in hooks and razor-nails
Like a diabolic Flesh-defiler
Master of the swarm
Corpse-strung - whore-sons
Crucified and nailed to the wall
"Skin you alive... I'll skin you alive..."
Butcher - Flay them
Proceed with the slaughter
Total dehumanisation
Brooding over rags of skin
A Devils burning gaze
Rip-saw - Mutator
A myriad of blades
Inquisitor of pain
Leave the corpses for the crows
The skin is what I need
Impassive mask staring at you
With a sodium-glare
Hell-ridden determination
Corpse-plower - Carrion beast
The slow pulse of all dying meat
You struck a raw-deal
Fleshless bodies crawl
Sky turns black
The Manskinner calls
Termination - By the butcher's knife
Flesh Parting like a scalped hide
It's a butchery
Of the first degree
A vivisecting nightmare
Hung and strung to bleed
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Manskinner Lyrics

Nocturnal Breed – Manskinner Lyrics