Once again you've evaded the death
Tonight, I swear, you'll take your one last breath.
My dear Judas, you've broken Lent
I pray your silver will be spent.

Your blood flows thick from your throat,
As I dissect and pick apart insides.
Impale your heart on every broken bone.
When your lungs collapse for the final time

Your hands have she'd innocent blood again,
And crimson is the latest trend.
Your hands will not she'd blood no more,
And tonight your head will roll.

A false witness utters the lies
You are the one who spreads the strife

Haughty eyes, A lying tongue.
Bare hands that she'd innocent blood.
Devise yourself with wicked plans.
Carry you to the damnation.

Damnation, gotta embrace yourself tonight...
There's no place to hide and you will die

The moonlight meets your skin,
Reflecting the spilled blood on the floor
No sin will be spilled tonight by the hand of judgment
Go away there's nothing left to say
This bloodstained fist is a sign of pain

A false witness utters the lies
You are the one who spreads the strife
Tonight I swear you'll take your one last breath
For the final time!

May he who stands within the glass house cast the first stone
And by the same hand shall his world shatter and collapse.
May his ribcage part like the red sea
And expose what defines him

A heart rate reminiscent of machine gun fire.
It's the second your face turned to disregard
As your heart beats for the final time.
May the dead wake with a taste of flesh...

May the dead!
Wake with A taste of flesh!
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Fist Of Messiah Lyrics

No Talent – Fist Of Messiah Lyrics