I've tried to see the side
A part of life we cannot hide
Although it's fact
We still deny

And my eyes are wide
In disbelief of what I see
It just don't seem real to me

Facing internal strife
Pacing the walk of life
Withering with the breeze
Holding on to memories
Burning it in my mind
Veracities of mankind
The limits beyond what you percieve
Your soul's alive but does it breathe!

I lie with greiving sighs
Questions running through my mind
Answers lagging far behind
My mind is tired of trying
To see beyond what man can see
Can I face reality

Searching my head for a truth yet unsaid
I brace every breath as I lie in my bed
The bleeding I hide from this torn heart inside
Where do I go when we cross the other side

Black is my fear, faith my despair
Wake me, will you wake me
When the end is near?

Can you see the way
The game you play is not for keeps
Clear as glass but hard to see
Your manifested destiny
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Breathe Lyrics

No One – Breathe Lyrics

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