The consequence, it never crossed, it never crossed my mind
My value for a life, my conscience siezes to exist

Burnt to the ground, all of my inhabitions
Dead without a sound, they'll never rise again
All the sacrifices for one man's vision
Please get me back my innocence

Smoke fills the air
I can smell the passing of your life
It fills my lungs
So I can't breathe

Oh my God, what have I done here?

This monster I've become, it's empty to the core
So much haste with a lust for blood, I've only seen this once before
Compromise my innocence, it will only be the end
Of me...

Conversations that I hear all around me
The voices echoing through my head
They tell that only one represents the purity
How can I be sure that this is it?

I pledge allegiance
All hail the dawning of the age of monsters
I can't believe I'm apart of this, this has all gone so wrong

Oh my God, what have I done here?
Oh my God, what have I become?
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Nazi Lyrics

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