Pick up your heart and
Keep, keep breathing in
The way you're feeling
I, I know it hurts
When all this weight comes crashing on, crashing on

You stand and fake a smile
But you've had enough
You laugh to trick the world
Too, too scared to let
Your brokenness show and give yourself, give yourself

When your heart is drowning, drowning
When your faith is shaking, shaking
Hold out for the sun
Love is rising, love is rising

When you feel forsaken, 'saken
Let hope awaken, waken
Hold on through the night
Love is rising, love is rising

(You) Cover your mouth and
Don't, don't make a sound
Suppress emotion
I, I know the pain
When no one notices you can't, that you can't

Faith is a brick wall
Not unbreakable
Hoist up your whitest flag
Put, put down your fists
'Cause all these wars you fight alone, fight alone
No match for his love
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Love Is Rising Lyrics

No Greater Sky – Love Is Rising Lyrics