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Rise Of Kings Lyrics

No Bragging Rights – Rise Of Kings Lyrics

When everyone else saw a stone,
You saw pieces of a dream,
Faded and broken, brave and soft spoken, (sure and in motion)
Just enough to tear you apart,

Buildings fall, mountains move,
Giving up, but not on you,
Because you (because you)
Believed the power of love,
Escape me lungs, curse my eyes,
Make them see (make them see)
Your freedom comes with a price,
And please don't forget me and please don't forgive me.

When a diet of warms begins to eat your insides,
You break a vow and post reasons why,
When all you have is a dream and a reason to die,
You close your eyes and test your theories on flight,

Don't deny me a spot in the clouds,
(I'm finding answers)
Give me the chance to defy their laws,
(I pray these words be heard)
Show me grace I'm ready to fly,
(I'm finding answers)
To open their minds and spit in their eyes.
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